Misiunea Casei Corpului Didactic a Municipiului Bucureşti este promovarea inovaţiei şi a reformei în educaţie, asigurarea cadrului pentru dezvoltarea instituţională a unităţilor de învăţământ preuniversitar, pentru dezvoltarea personală şi în profesie a personalului încadrat, în corelaţie cu standardele ocupaţionale şi de formare continuă, cu standardele de calitate şi cu sistemul competenţelor profesionale şi transversale necesare evoluţiei în cariera didactică, precum şi în conformitate cu politicile şi strategiile naţionale şi europene în domeniul educaţiei.

ME AND YOUR STORIES (MYS) “My-perspective-on-your-stories” & “Your-perspectives-on-my-story”

Project Objectives: Development and implementation of an inclusive storytelling tool for schools, called “MYS-understood”, and connecting it to policy and decision makers to foster inclusive education and common values in Europe 

Families have replaced schools as social spaces for learners during the Corona-crises. We like to provide you support in times of school closure across Europe.
Therefore we have prepared two eBooks for you on the topics "Family&Friends" and "Hobbies&Interests" in English, German, Slovak and Romanian languages.
We want to encourage learners to connect online in small groups. There are various activities which empower them to share their stories with others. It is fun and gives young people an opportunity to talk about things that probably matter to them the most during #stayathome. 
Families are invited to apply the eBooks too!
Work-eBook about Family&Friends:  https://rixwiki.org/mys/home/mys-storytelling/family-friends
Work-eBook about Hobbies&Interests: https://rixwiki.org/.../mys-storytelling/hobbies-and-interests 
Comming soon: Call for Stories about #stayhome .
So stay tuned, safe and cheerful!
Your MYS Team
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Teachers Training Center Bucharest celebrated the Open House day on November 15. During this event the activities of the project Me and Your Stories – MYS””, Erasmus+ programme, key action 3, Social Inclusion through Education, Support for Policy Reforms, project number – 604616-EPP-1-2018-AT-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN have been disseminated.
There were 50 participants, including the teachers from the schools included in MYS project: Gymansium Schools No. 153, 164,167,311, ”Adrian Păunescu” Gymnasium School, “Sfinții Constantin și Elena” Gymnasium School.

Between October 23-25, 2019, the CCD team Bucharest, represented by Adina Tatu and Roxana Diaconu, together with 6 teachers from school units from the 6th district of Bucharest and the inspector Daniela Bădescu, participated in the European Seminar in Berlin, as part of the Project Erasmus MYS. Together with teachers from the UK, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, the Romanian team had the opportunity to explore, during the two days, https://rixwiki.org/mys/home, an eBook containing storytelling, stop motion, realization activities. film, digital methods on the subject of human rights and critical thinking

Between 12 and 15 May 2019 a working meeting was held in London, U.K., ME AND YOUR STORIES (MYS), Erasmus+ project (2019-2022), Key Action 3, Social Inclusion and Common Values, Support for Policy Reforms.

Between 06-08 March 2019 in Graz, Austria, the House of Teaching Staff in Bucharest was represented by Mrs. Georgeta Bolojan, Mrs. Ana Elisabeta Naghi and Adina Tatu at the ME AND YOUR STORIES (MYS) -Erasmus + project (2019-2022), Key Action 3, Social Inclusion and Common Values, Support for Policy Reforms,